Bulb Lamp Camera

Monitor and keep an eye on your Properties; House, Office, Hospital, Shop/Restaurant etc and keep proper record of activities that occurred in your absence.

Most businesses; Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Shops/Restaurants and even most homes had fallen victim of rubbery, smuggling and unnoticed activities that led to lost of important documents, money and even human lives because there is no proper record of activities, actions and movements.

Stop Regretting That You Should Have Captured The Action.

GHC 299


👉 Prevents people from committing offences both inside and outside the home

👉 Gathering evidence of criminal activity, should crime occur via Memory card

👉 Protect Your Properties and Home Against Intruders or Burglars

👉 Monitor your kids, family or nannies to see what they are up to.

👉 Deterring shoplifting and robbery in stores and obtaining evidence to support a prosecution

👉 You can monitor your home, office, shop, property etc from anywhere, even if travel abroad if you connect to an external wifi.

👉 Without a Wifi or Internet, the camera can still work within 10 meters. You can record audio and videos and play back later.


✔️ Monitor your shop,office,house,properties,kids,nannies,school, etc
✔️ Can be viewed even if you traveled outside the country on your phone
✔️ Zoom in and zoom out videos to see every blind spot
✔️ 360 Degrees rotating view
✔️ Different view modes on the App
✔️ Easy Installation via an App downloadable on your phone
✔️ 1080P HD Video Quality
✔️ Two Way Audio (Built in Microphone & Built in speaker)
✔️ Has a Night Vision to capture quality videos in the dark
✔️ Wireless Monitoring/ Can Work With Or Without Internet Or Wifi
✔️ Can record HD Videos And Audio on memory card (Card not included)

bulb camera

Monitor and keep an eye on your Properties!

GHC 299


Replay: Remote 24-hour real-time loop recording on micro SD card (up to 64GB, not included),the oldest videos will be automatically deleted and the latest video will be recorded when the SD card is full.

Easy Setup:

1. Download the APP “V380 Pro”.Follow the manual instructions.

2. Set-up is as simple as screwing in a light bulb.

Detail for Light Bulb Camera;

* Support system: IOS/Android / Windows

* View angle: 360°.

* Image resolution: Max 1920×1080.

* Storage port: Memory Card storage (memory card not included).

* Power supply and consumption: AC 110V-240V.

Package Includes;

Light Bulb Camera ×1.

Bulb Socket ×1.

User Manual ×1.

Reset Pin ×1.

A Proven & Effective Way To Get Rid Of Frustrations.

GHC 299


Answer: This camera is very easy to connect. It takes less than a minute to configure. It has Plug to Play (P2P) function, just plug it in a lamp holder, power it and follow instructions to set it up in less than 1 minute.

Answer: The name of the App is V380 PRO. You can search for it in Google Play Store for Android phones and Apple store if you use any apple device.

Answer: Yes, But the chipset and sensor are specifically optimized for mobile devices use, view it by the mobile device is the better experience than the view on PC. 

Answer: Yes, when the area where the camera is installed is dark or when there is low light, the night vision function automatically turns on so that you can still view the video even in the dark. 

Answer: Yes, the camera still works without a Wifi or internet. Without Wifi, you can still monitor camera within 10 meters by connecting it to the camera`s hotspot. However, if you decide to use a Wifi you can still view the camera from any location even if you travel out the country.

Answer: You can connect as many cameras as you want with one App. You can also share the App and view on different phones if you want to.

Answer: This hardly happens. It will take at least 4 years and over and even if it happens that way, it will not affect the camera in anyway. The light in the camera is just to make people believe that it is a normal bulb. So the light and camera work differently. If the light dies or burn out which will take at least 4 years plus, the camera will still work perfectly.

Please be sure you are FULLY ready for Product and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order.