Make working on your laptop more ergonomic with adjustable multi-angle laptop stand.

laptop stand

6 levels of tilt free choice, for maximum comfort and ease of use, make this laptop stand perfect for occasions when you have to work from home, or while you're on the road. It's designed to improve heat dissipation significantly, and thanks to its foldable system, it can be taken anywhere you go.

Laptop Stand

Grab this high quality laptop stand for your homes and offices

GHC 300

GHC 160

About this item

  • COMPATIBILITY: The laptop & tablet stand supports most devices from 10 – 15.6 inches: Macbook, ThinkPad, Surface, Chromebook, iPad Pro, etc.
  • MULTI-ANGLE ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The Portable laptop & tablet stand provides 6-speed adjustable height, adjust to comfortable operating angle and height based on your actual need. And the ergonomic design makes for easy watching and typing, relieving neck, shoulder and spinal pain.
  • COMPACT and PORTABLE: Creative portable foldable design, the laptop stand can be folded to the size of 9.4*1.75 inches and with the portable storage bag to make it easy carry-on.
  • EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: Machined from anodized aluminum alloy, with sand blasted and brushed processes. With Non-slip silicone mat, avoid from risking of any scratches to your devices and stable placement.
  • HEAT DISSIPATION: The ventilated design increases air flow going toward your laptop, working as a heat slink. Portabale MacBook Pro stand for desk work, home, school, office or travel.
laptop stand

Reasons Why You Should Be Using This Laptop Stand Right Now!

Better Ergonomics: At its most basic, an ergonomic device is something that helps create both efficiency and comfort. For laptops, this means reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury, which happens when you do something mundane like typing on a keyboard over and over again.

Comfort While Typing: If your average data entry clerk is doing 40 to 50 keystrokes a minute, 8 hours a day, you can imagine how much time you spend in your own life typing. Most tables and surfaces, however, aren’t designed with this in mind. If you’re a regular user, your laptop should be at eye level, allowing your back to be straight and your elbows bent at a comfortable 90 degrees. With a laptop stand, you can adjust how your body is positioned to your computer for the perfect work experience.

Adjustable Angle: Of course, the entire point of a functional laptop stand is being able to adjust angles, heights, and distances of your device to your body.

Improves Airflow: Keeping your laptop cool is critical for maintaining its longevity. Heat, generally speaking, is the enemy of electronics. This Laptop stand solves this problem by elevating the device so as to encourage airflow. 

Organize Those Cables:At home, proper cable management means ease of access and less strain on plugs and devices. This Laptop stand is fantastic for this purpose – route your cables underneath to keep your room, office, and desk both neat and tidy.

Freedom to Relocate: One of the primary reasons why you own a laptop is portability. Whether it’s your local espresso filled coffee shop, or some gorgeous beach in the South Pacific, laptops allow for work on the move. But working without a desk or table can get uncomfortable fast, especially for those picking up and relocating all the time. Thankfully, this laptop stand is portable. Just pack it away and bring all of its benefits with you wherever you go.

Flexibility of Use: Your laptop stand doesn’t just lend itself for use by a computer. They are versatile at-home and in-the-office items that can do a whole host of other tasks. Want to read a book in bed without having to uncomfortably hold up your arms? There’s a laptop stand for that! How about using a tablet in the family room? Save your energy and get a laptop stand. Swiss army knives don’t have anything on the utility of a laptop stand.

laptop Stand
Laptop stand

Grab This High Quality Laptop Stand For Your Homes and Offices!

GHC 300

GHC 160

– Aluminum alloy material, stable and durable
– Anti-slip layer that prevents the device from sliding off
– You can adjust the viewing angle in 6 levels for the best comfort
– Reduce the burden on the spine, neck, and shoulders
– Pads design made of silicone, prevent sliding and scratching
– A ventilated laptop stand can increase air circulation, dissipate heat, and help keep the laptop cool and prevent overheating
– Portable, lightweight and foldable


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